Nov 26, 2021

A storying boarding application that allows the user to play around with a 3d environment to capture scenes!



This backend is hosted by Heroku, it might take few second for the backend to talk to the frontend!

Login Key: 123

ForeTale is a 2d drawing application which allows the user to play around with a 3d world to create 2d scenes. A lot of the time as 2d artists we struggle with perspective & distance, light & shadows, and character poses. This is where ForeTale comes in to help in those scenarios.


ForeTale lets users create projects which can hold multiple sketches. Each sketch has two main aspects to it, one being 2d and the other being 3d. Using the 3d world is completely optional although it is preferred users take advantage of it. Once loaded in a sketch user can play around with 3d objects and environment to create a scene they would like to make art from. The user has ability to control position, rotation and scale of 3d objects. On top of that if the user wants to create poses, they can turn on rigging mode which will allow them to create character poses just like they would in applications like Blender. The grid mode and the light system allows the user to take control over the environment even more giving them better understanding of perspective.


The 2d aspect of the application allows user to create art using all the given tools like different types of brushes, opacity control, flow control, pen pressure, eraser, color pallet/picker and more. It also comes with a layering system just like the one you would see in Photoshop. User can toggle layers, drag them around, add and delete as they would like so. Of course, given it’s a painting application, they have control over history for allowing them to go back and forth.


Everything mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg, the application holds a lot more features that should be played with rather than read about. Few of the addon features includes, asset manager, saving workspace, toggling views, shortcuts etc. I highly encourage you to check out the application at using the access code 123 for better understanding of what the application can achieve.