Nov 10 2021

Warehouse management system built alongside 4 other team mates



This backend is hosted by Heroku, it might take few second for the backend to talk to the frontend!

This project was one of my favorite from many projects that BrainStation covered. The project allowed me to understand a lot about team work and managing team git flow. I simply started to value writing more organized code, more reusable code and creating better

InStock is a web application that allows user to maintain warehouses and inventory. You can add new warehouse, new inventory, edit warehouse/inventory, search, sort and many more. I was in charge of creating the table which is a reusable component that gets used through the project. I was extremely proud to solve the problem of creating a auto sized table component using flexbox. There were many challenges and one of my favorite one being aligning the table header and the content with flexbox given we didn’t know what content was going to be passed in. The problem was fully solved using JavaScript by getting the width of the widest element and setting the width of each element to that.

I was really pleased to work with my team as they were super responsive. Getting to work with Jira for the first time was really mind blowing as it showed me how organized a project could get. I was heavily impressed with the rating system that was in place for each ticket.