ISS - 3d


SEP 20, 2021

A hackathon project that was finished within 24 hours



The API is running under HTTP while the project is hosted through HTTPS might cause the browser the block the API.

ISS 3d was part of a hackathon project that I participated being in BrainStation. The whole idea of the hackathon was to given APIs to create an application.

I was really not a fan of the basic CRUD application that everyone was working on. While taking a drive I thought to myself how cool it would be if I could somehow show the real location of the ISS in 3d. 
I did not have any background experience with ThreeJS and this was my first time getting into it. I present the idea to my group and they were all excited for it. 

Given only 24 hours I had to stay up every bit of it to get it to where I wanted it. It took a lot of problem solving and constant battle against sleep to get this done in time.

While we were presenting I was super glad to see my classmates and instructors enjoy the project!